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Founded on July 16, 2002 in the Diocese of Orlu, the community now consists of 8 professed Sisters.

They minister to the sick and their families, provide catechesis to children and youth, and are involved in parish life. There is an active novitiate there with 2 novices. The Sisters also have several animals and a chicken farm from which they earn their keep from selling eggs.


The community was originally founded in 1982 to provide a safe refuge to the Sisters in Nicaragua in case of danger. The Sisters currently assist at a clinic for the poor, work in the diocesan kindergarten (over 400 children), and recently established their own small kindergarten.

They help to enhance the liturgy in the church with a children’s choir. The political situation has made life very difficult, many people suffer from hunger and have been forced to leave the country. With relief supplies from the USA and financial help from the German Province, the Sisters can help the poor with food and clothes.


The mission in Iceland began with an invitation from Bishop Gijsen, Bishop in Iceland and former Bishop of the Diocese of Roermond, where the Motherhouse is located.

The Foundations was established on May 23, 2001 with the arrival of 2 Sisters in Akureyri. The Sisters provide house mission, catechesis, and a kindergarten for infants up to 2 years old.