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As a sign of our religious consecration, the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus wear a religious habit: a symbol of our transformation into Jesus Christ.

Our habit is brown. This color of the earth symbolizes the inner poverty, humility and simplicity necessary for living a joyful Carmelite life.

Our brown scapular is worn over the habit and is a symbol of our devotion to Mary. She, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, bestowed this gift on the Order of Carmel as a promise of her presence and protection in times of trial.

Our black belt is a symbol of our need for Divine strength in living the Carmelite ideal: “God has girded me with power” (Ps 18:33).

Our black veil is a symbol of our vow of chastity and our commitment to God. We are Brides of Jesus Christ.

Our rosary is a symbol of our life of prayer and devotion to Our Lady.

Our profession crucifix is a symbol the overwhelming love of Jesus Christ and our call to witness to His love through self-giving charity.

Our white mantle is a symbol of our zeal for souls and the spirit of our Carmelite Father, St. Elijah: “With zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of Hosts” (1Kings 19:14). It is also a symbol of the purity of heart that is necessary to enter the Presence of God.

Wappen Carmelite Sisters