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On February 2, 2024, our Carmel DCJ Motherhouse hosted the prayerful evening event on the Feast Day of Our Lord’s Presentation as we celebrate the Day of Consecrated Life.  It was attended by priests and religious sisters from various congregations of the Diocese of Roermond, and of course our very own sisters.  As soon as our First Friday Adoration closes at 5PM, the whole group unitedly prayed the Vesper.

The event was followed by a simple supper of hearty soup and sandwiches where everyone spent quality time with each other.  We comprise and represent the various ministries of the Church serving the diocese.

A talk by a Dominican sister, Sr. M. Amata followed after the meal.  She asked the attendees what does consecrated life means in the world today and had imparted four major points in her discussion: Presence, Focus, Service and Surrender.  Then was asked to meditate for a short time and to share their experiences.

Brothers and Sisters…let us be like Simeon and Anna, like them, if we live in expectation, safeguarding our interior life and in conformity with the Gospel – we will embrace Jesus, who is the light and hope of life. (excerpt from Pope Francis’ Homily on Feb 2, 2024)