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In preparation for the Feast of Bl. Maria Teresa on October 30, the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus will be praying a novena for her intercession October 21-29.

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Blessed Mother Maria Teresa of St. Joseph
Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus

Blessed Mother Maria Teresa of St. Joseph, Anna
Maria Tauscher, was born on June 19, 1855, in Sandow,
in what is now part of Poland. Maria grew up in an
atmosphere of deep faith. Her father was a Superintendent
in the Lutheran Church. The example of her mother taught
her to have compassion on the poor and needy. Already as
a young girl, Maria longed for a life totally consecrated to

On October 30, 1888, she was received into the
Catholic Church. Three years later, she founded a Home for
children in Berlin, where the needs of countless poor and
neglected children pierced her heart. Quickly, a group of
zealous young women formed around her. This was the
modest beginning of a Congregation that within only a few
decades was to spread out over Europe and America, the
Carmel of the Divine Heart of Jesus.

Blessed Maria Teresa was a woman of prayer. In
the spirituality of Carmel, a life of faith and intimacy with
God, she found what she was seeking. Inspired by this
prayer, she wanted to serve Christ in children, the aged, the
poor and the lonely. Therefore, she founded Homes and day
care centers for children and Homes for the aged.

Blessed Maria Teresa died on September 20, 1938,
in Sittard, Holland. Since her death, many have found help
in their needs through her intercession. She, who in her
lifetime gave motherly care and love to hundreds of children
and provided practical help to countless adults, wrote before
her death, “To be able to dry tears, to heal the wounds of
souls from the heights of Heaven, this is my ardent wish.”
She was beatified by the Church on May 13, 2006.