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Postulant Emma

Postulant Emma

All is gift, all is grace. My story begins at baptism, one of the greatest gifts of my life. It was on the day of my baptism that I received my vocation, the call to love. I grew up in a very loving, Catholic family. We first learn how to love in our families, and I was taught at a young age that Jesus is the source of all joy and love. The first time I met religious sisters was in high school. I remember being attracted to their joy, but the thought of being a sister made me uncomfortable and I always pushed the thought away immediately. I had always wanted to be a geriatrics nurse.

During my senior year of high school, my grandmother, whom I helped care for, passed away. The things of the world were becoming so unsatisfying and I was restless. I started to pray a rosary every day and attend daily mass, and these graces changed my life. When I began to fall in love with our Lord, I wanted to know His will for my life. It was around this time that I was inspired to begin praying novenas to know my vocation. Jesus was sending me lots of clear ‘signs’ that I was called to religious life. I had just finished a novena to St. Anne, and was praying one evening in my parish chapel, when I knew with very much clarity that Jesus was asking me to be His.

The immense peace and joy were so tangible! I knew I was called to be a bride of Christ… but I was accepted into nursing school. All summer long I didn’t have peace about college, and within two weeks of starting classes, I withdrew my enrollment; so much peace came with that decision. When love itself calls you by name, you drop everything to follow Him.

About a month later, I met our sisters when I started to volunteer at St. Agnes Home. Sr. Mary Joseph had prayed for a faithful volunteer, and the Holy Spirit providentially led me right to the community that He was calling me to. I knew right away that this was my home, and that Jesus had prepared my heart for this way of life. I was attracted to the joy of our sisters, the divine office, and the apostolate that I so deeply desired and loved. With much conviction, I knew that this was the place and vocation that He made me for. I began going on retreats with our sisters and spending most of my time at St. Agnes. I volunteered with our residents in activities for six months, and worked as an assistant teacher at our daycare center for over a year. I asked permission to enter our Carmel, and with very much gratitude and joy, entered the convent in July 2019. Since entering Carmel DCJ, I have truly found the one whom my soul loves, and every day with Him is a gift.